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Improving International Trade Through Logifreight

Improving International Trade Through Logifreight

Every customer wants to be a hero in their buying journey. If a seller can provide that journey, the customer may be more likely to purchase. I’ve started a new venture called Logifreight, and our service is to move commercial goods across borders using software. Logifreight is the seller, and Bangladesh is the hero of this journey. Putting aside the massive $100 billion trading activity the country experiences each year, Bangladesh lags behind in moving goods internationally. We are triple digits in The World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index 2018 (Ranked 100th). Our customs are ranked 121st and our international shipments are the 104th most competitive. As for timeliness of goods arrival. we’re triple digits in that too.

So why are we so bad at moving freight across borders? Simply put, our technological advancement over 49 years has been slow. We aren’t the most resource-rich geography on the planet. Our imports are greater than our exports. We’ve had a complicated legal and political system stemming out of colonial history, tradition and culture. All culminating to an international trade long broken, but never fixed.


Source: Dr. Diva PHD Online

In 2020, I founded an initiative to solve this problem called Logifreight. Our job is to improve trust in Bangladeshi logistics by initiating international trade seamlessly through technology. Bangladesh grew at 8% per annum (pre-lockdown, March 2020) and 5.7% projected as of today. We’re the fastest growing economy in the world prior to the pandemic, and our industries are diversifying from ready-made garments and jute everyday (we make Samsung phones now).

All this does is validate our market size that is only second to India in South Asia for trade volume ($100 Billion in 2019). However, our economic growth exceeds India comfortably. At Logifreight, our job is to put our traders, shippers and carriers of today at ease while serving three things:

  1. Sourcing goods from overseas. If you are buying fabric off Alibaba to use at your factory, consider buying through our platform and we’ll take care of the full shipment from door-to-door.
  2. Shipping air and ocean freight . Need freight quotes? Book through our air and ocean carrier space available and we’ll have your goods shipped with less paperwork and less time wasted.
  3. Clear goods through customs. We act as a customs broker, and clear customs with minimal fuss. Using software, we calculate the taxes due, and time needed to clear ports with reasonable accuracy to allow you to organize your resources more efficiently.


Source: Logifreight

Freight-Tech has revolutionized how companies challenge traditional movement of goods. The door-to-door transparency of shipments are at its lowest in Bangladesh because we are outpacing our logistical investments. With Logifreight, we aim to create a software infrastructure in Bangladesh that will put door-to-door shipping at ease and make this growth more efficient and transparent for the rising class of Bangladeshi traders.

P.S: We are rebuilding our website to include new features. Stay tuned to book through our our new UI.

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