Why Do People React Differently To Coronavirus?

The novel coronavirus, officially known as the SARS-Cov-2, has become an unconventional enemy of the human body. It is hard to discern why this variant of the coronavirus, of which there are many including the common cold, flu, SARS and MERS, are affecting each person’s body so differently. In an article on Medium , there is a detailed description on why the SARS-Cov-2 […]

Startups to get $30m investment: Singapore Injects New Funds

The National Research Foundation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore is about to get a huge injection of funds for local startups. Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister of Foreign Affairs, announced that they will provide $29.28 million or S$40million as part of the NRF’s Early Stage Venture Fund third installment or ESVFIII. It was announced in September 2015. The news, published on CNBC was […]

Do We Listen To Reply?

One of the key fundamental questions in the modern era of humans is this: Do we ever listen to understand the other, or listen just so that we can force our opinions on them? Do we give them the space and respect they deserve, or do we allow no room for opinions to flourish? I myself am a victim of […]

How To Improve Your Concentration Levels

Concentration levels are the reasons we dip in performance while performing daily activities, be it writing, reading, playing, listening, in fact, any human activity requires concentration. You might not realize it or even know it, but the key to maintaining your concentration levels is: AN ACTIVE BRAIN. You will know when this occurs. Your brain will feel supercharged up. You will […]

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